5 Simple Ways to Incorporate Self-Care into your Routine

The world isn’t the same as it was 15 years ago or even 5 years ago.  The rapid pace of modernization is so seamlessly incorporated into our everyday lives that we don’t even notice some of the things that are normalized today and weren’t just a year ago.  A lot of us never thought we’d be working from home or taking yoga classes over Zoom, for instance.  But, even before the unique circumstances of 2020, we were trying to keep up with the latest apps, the latest social media platforms (Tik Tok, anyone?), the newest controversy, etcetera.  For years we’ve been living in a world of: Did you start your blog yet? Your Youtube channel? LinkedIn is so basic, your real work is your side hustle anyway. And did you hear? Do you know? Have you tried?  The unrelenting, unspoken demand to keep up, to stay current and relevant, can feel overwhelming.  So frankly, the concept of approaching your routine from a holistic, wellness perspective couldn’t get here soon enough. We all call it self-care, and while admittedly not a new idea, it’s one that can’t be emphasized enough.  It’s not merely a departure from the exhaustive mainstream pace of productivity, but a way to be able to cope within the mainstream pace without burning out.  In today’s world, it’s nothing less than radical to reclaim the things that help us slow down, take a moment, and breathe.  Here are 5 simple ways to do just that:


Skincare is Self-Care

Your skin is a map of what’s going on inside your body and what goes on is often deeper than just the food and beverages you’re consuming.  Of course, what you eat and drink plays a large role, but your skin also reflects your stress levels and your emotional landscape.   How much sleep you're getting (or not getting) shows up on your face. These are some of the ways that skincare intersects with self-care.  When you approach your routine with mindfulness and slow down while you perform your skincare regimen, you are taking a moment to be with yourself.  This means when you look in the mirror, you’re not just taking stock of acne or dark circles, but reflecting on how you’re feeling and how that’s showing up on your face.  It’s also worth remembering that your skin is your largest organ.  Maybe if we kept that fact in mind, skincare wouldn’t seem like a frivolous exercise in vanity.  Instead, mindfully showing up for our daily regimen would acknowledge and honor that skincare is an integrated part of a healthy lifestyle.


Mind Over Matter

Your inner life is something that deserves your proactive attention. This means doing more than just being vaguely aware of your mood and reacting to anything that comes up. Self-care here means practicing healthy daily thoughts, through mantras or affirmations to support you throughout your day. Like physical exercise, these are mental exercises that fortify your mind and keep you strong and steady on the inside. With regular practice, you’ll find that you stop being as reactive to outside factors and start possessing the stability and gravitas that allow you to process and respond calmly.  


The Discipline of Routine

When we talk about daily rituals of self-care it can mean a lot of things.  People automatically think of lighting candles and taking baths, and while those are wonderful, it’s not what we mean here.  There is power in creating consistent routines like making your bed in the morning, or journaling before you go you sleep at night.  Sometimes people keep away from this type of discipline because they haven't understood yet that routine isn't about rigidity, but about freedom. You can have a routine and still retain your flexibility.  It’s not about absolute control, it’s about eliminating chaos and creating space for your mind to flourish in an environment of peace.  Don’t let unreasonable hypothetical situations keep you from implementing the discipline you need to take good care of yourself.